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BMW Motorrad Road Safety

The Road Safety courses from the BMW Rider Training system are great for all riders, regardless of their experience level or the type or brand of their motorcycle. The purpose of these courses is to improve the ability to control the motorcycle, in order to significantly reduce the level of risk when riding on public roads, regardless of the situation.


Racetrack Cornering Course

This course is dedicated to all riders who want to perfect the art of cornering, both on the street and on the racetrack. And it’s all done in a safe, controlled environment, and in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


Zi de distracție pe pistă

The Advanced Road Riding Course consists of riding a challenging mountain road, in a small group, along with the instructor. From 2017 on, we will be riding on the DN2D, between Târgu Secuiesc (Covasna) and Lepșa (Vrancea). We chose this route because it has great asphalt, lots of corners and very little traffic.


This is an adventure off-road training course that takes the shape of a week-end off-road tour. The course is destined mainly for riders with limited experience in off-road riding who ride adventure motorcycles. The course we are using varies, according to the weather conditions and the experience level of the participants.

Rider Academy Team

Marius Băcilă

Mihai Ionescu

Andrei Danila